"Liberty cannot be preserved without general knowledge among the people."

- John Adams

We build our reputation every day, with every client we represent. The attorneys and support team at Kasaby Nicholls embody the true culture of our client commitment. Professional, smart and diligent, each member of our team is an accomplished, client-focused professionals dedicated to upholding the highest standards of legal representation possible. We know our reputation is only as solid as the people behind it. Reputations are built on success. At Kasaby Nicholls, that success is measured one client at a time.

Our team

  • Eya Assigon

    EyaAssigon, JD, graduated with distinction from Bellevue University in 2010…

  • Margaret Gibson

    Margaret Gibson is from Naperville, Illinois. She earned an undergraduate…

  • Jack Hathaway

    Jack Hathaway graduated from the University of Iowa with a…

  • Gina Tabisola

    Gina Tabisola moved to Omaha, Nebraska from Honolulu, Hawaii. As…