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Kasaby Nicholls assists both businesses & individuals with challenging tax law issues. We have the experience in this difficult area of the law in everything from tax planning to IRS collection actions, including where necessary tax court litigation. We successfully negotiate offers-in-compromise and otherwise significantly reduce assessed tax deficiencies. If you are receiving threatening correspondence from the IRS do not ignore it, time is of the essence, a proper and timely response can save you thousands of dollars in penalties and interest.

Attorney Brent Nicholls is and admitted member of the U.S. Tax Court and in addition to his finance and law degrees holds a Masters in Tax Law (LL.M.) from New York University. He has been practicing in the area of Tax Law for over 16 years.

Specific Areas of Focus:
Responding to IRS Demand Letters / Notice of Intent to Levy
Removal of Tax Liens
Installment Agreements
Offers in Compromise
Abetment of Tax Penalties
Tax Appeals and Dispute Resolution
Response to IRS & Department of Revenue Info. Request
Criminal Tax Representation
Qualification of Non Profits under IRC Sec. 501(c)
Like Kind 1031 Tax Free Exchanges