Alaa Alshahed grew up in Amman, Jordan and completed a bachelor’s degree in Law in 2005. She got married thereafter and moved to the United States with her husband who was completing his post-graduate training in Medicine. She joined Kasaby Schmoke as an intern in October of 2019.

Alaa worked closely with many experienced lawyers in the firm, including Partners Lauren Schmoke and Bassel El-Kasaby. She was able to work on a wide spectrum of cases which spanned different areas including immigration law, criminal law, and family law. Being fluently bilingual is one advantage that Alaa brings to the firm.

Being an immigrant herself and going through the process of naturalization to become a United States citizen also proved to be a great blessing and tremendously helped Alaa to advocate for those who sought legal services.

More recently, Alaa is currently working on her LLM degree at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln which she should complete in 2023.  This would pave her way to sit for the Bar Exam and to be a practicing attorney.